We are holding a contest for Soratama photos of illuminations

We are holding a contest for Soratama photos of illuminations.
To apply, first follow the Instagram or Twitter account of Soratama Organization.
Then share your photo using the following hash tag; ‘#宙玉イルミネーション祭’ along with the items you used (camera, lens, apps etc)
And you’re done!
For more information, see the application requirements below.

-Soratama Illumination Fair

GIZMON x ZENJIX soratama SP is compatible with iPhone 7 Plus

By using GIZMON x ZENJIX soratama SP, soratama images can be taken with iPhone 7 Plus.

Fix the device onto the wide angle camera on the left side. (It does not correspond to the telephoto camera.)

Because the shape of the protruding lens part on iPhone 7 Plus is not round, it is difficult to keep the soratama SP stable with the lens clip. Putting on a iPhone 7 Plus case is recommended when using this device.

Zenji Uehara Appears on the TV Program, “Tamori Club”

Tamori Club “Cheap but wondrous!! Take photos for marriage meeting with special lenses”

August 5, 2016 On Air / Asahi National Broadcasting

Tamori and Takumi Saito make a special photographing device to take photos of Kayoko Okubo for her marriage meeting. Zenji Uehara, the experimental photographer, helps photographing with soratama lens. He teaches the mechanism of the lens and how to take photos with it. Tamori and Saito announce their best shot in the end.

Gallery of Zenji Uehara

My Neighbor Cosmos

Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza Gallery1 (6F of Sony Building)

Friday,December18,2015 – Thursday,January14,2016

11:00 – 19:00

NOTE:January 1st is closed. Dec.31, Jan.2nd and 3rd is open until 18:00